Discover How BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership Makes Your Business Stand Out

Let’s talk about how you can make your business stand out and ultimately make more sales with BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership. With BeeKonnected Platinum Membership, your business gets a much bigger reach. It’s all right here in one place—the perfect business social networking platform for you to grow your following and increase your sales. No more hopping to various platforms to run your business. 

Platinum Membership Features:  

  • Up to 3,000 Webinar attendees

  • Unlimited Meeting duration

  • 100 GB Cloud Storage

  • Stream to five platforms

  • Easy Instant Replay Links

  • Interactive Call-to-Action banners

  • Replays with “HOT” Button Links

  • Social Media Posting & Groups

  • Lead Generation

  • Affiliate Partnership

Whether you are a small startup business or an influencer with 100K+ followers, BeeKonnected Platinum Membership has you covered. The affiliate partnership can monetize your following, making it even more profitable to go Platinum. 

Imagine how much you’ve been spending on other platforms just to piece your business together. Now envision yourself saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually and getting rewarded for being a Platinum Member!

Don’t waste more time and money using multiple platforms to run your business. Get BeeKonnected’s Platinum Membership and run your business like a Pro! Bee Seen, Bee Heard, BeeKonnected. Sign up for a Premium account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Angela Sidlo, BeeKonnected Member