Unlocking BeeKonnected: Create A Premium Course

Creating and selling online courses is a fantastic way to share your knowledge and expertise while generating a substantial income stream. With the Premium Content package from BeeKonnected, you have everything you need to design, launch, and profit from your courses. Here’s how you can maximize the benefits of this package to create and sell a successful online course.

Leverage Seamless Integration:
One of the standout features of the Premium Content package is its seamless integration with other key functionalities like video conferencing and groups. This integration allows you to create a holistic learning environment where your course can include live sessions, interactive webinars, and dedicated discussion groups. This interconnected setup enhances the learning experience and keeps your students engaged.

Benefit from Custom Branding:
Your course should reflect your brand, and with the Premium Content package, you can customize your course pages with your photos, colors, and live links. This custom branding helps create a professional appearance that aligns with your business identity, instilling trust and consistency in your course offerings.

Utilize Effective Replays:
Unlike platforms where webinar replays are just static videos, BeeKonnected ensures that replays have live links and call-to-action buttons that are still active. This means that even those who watch the replays can interact as if they were attending the live session, making your course more dynamic and engaging.

No Commission Fees:
One of the most significant advantages of selling your course through BeeKonnected is that you keep all the revenue generated from your sales. Unlike other platforms that take a cut from your earnings, BeeKonnected allows you to enjoy the full financial benefits of your hard work.

Bundle Courses for Added Value:
With the ability to bundle two or more premium content pieces together, you can offer more value to your students. This could be a series of courses or a combination of a course and complementary workshops or webinars. Bundling is a great strategy to increase enrollment, giving customers more reasons to purchase.

Make Your Courses Accessible:
The platform’s P3 System ensures that all your course materials, from webinars to downloadable content, are linked to whoever invited the participant, making it easier to track referrals and maintain connections with your students.

Promote Your Course Effectively:
Take advantage of the social posting features within the Premium Content package. All BeeKonnected members can see your course announcements and updates, ensuring maximum visibility. Use this feature to keep your audience informed and engaged with regular updates and teasers about your course content.

Creating and selling a course with BeeKonnected’s Premium Content package simplifies the technical side of course creation and provides powerful tools to ensure its success. From marketing to monetization, you have all the resources to make your educational product a hit. Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Debbie Prediger, Certified BeeKonnected Coach