Unlock Key Features In Your Free BeeKonnected Membership

Want to know how to get the most out of your BeeKonnected free account? Learn about the key features of this powerful platform, and start elevating your business today. 

60 Minutes of Free Video Conference Time: 

Take advantage of BeeKonnected's free video conferencing feature to connect with others, host meetings, and raise awareness of your work. Whether for networking, collaboration, or brainstorming sessions, your 60 minutes of free conference time allows you to build meaningful relationships and explore potential opportunities. You will only get cut off after you have hosted a quality one-hour meeting. 

Access to Public Groups and Contribution: 

Engage with BeeKonnected's vibrant community by joining public groups relevant to your interests and industry. Share your knowledge, ask questions, and participate in discussions to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and expand your network. There is no limit to how many public groups you can join. 

Post on the Feed: 

Post on the feed as often as you like to highlight your stage, message, and interests with the BeeKonnected community. Whether it's a business milestone, a valuable resource, or a thought-provoking question, your contributions help foster a supportive and collaborative environment. Not only will you be easily seen, but you will also have the chance to connect directly on the platform with other like-minded professionals. 

Access to Konnection Generator:

Utilize BeeKonnected's Konnection Generator to discover potential collaborators, mentors, or clients. With access to this powerful tool, you can find individuals excited to collaborate and explore new growth opportunities.

By leveraging these critical features of your BeeKonnected Free Membership, you can access many new networking, learning, and professional development channels. 

Discover the BeeKonnected difference for yourself. Sign up for a free account and connect with thousands of like-minded professionals today.

Written by Pattie Craumer, Founder / Owner of The Mosaic Effect